About this Site

The intention of this site is to provide a means to share information uncovered in the pursuit of genealogy.  The stories are primarily sourced from my family research, but the topics are not limited to that scope and should be of interest to others whose ancestors shared the same experience.  This is a platform to expand on a particular topic to include more than the specific family lineage details that might be included in a targeted genealogy. All of the lives and events become threads in the Fabric of Ancestors.

About the author

My name is John Suter.  My research in the realm of genealogy has been going on for quite a number of years now.  The work on my paternal lineage began with research done by my Father, an Uncle, and a Great Uncle.  My maternal line research also began with a good bit of knowledge documented, and sources provided by cousins and ancestors to give me a good start there as well.  I continue the research, now with the benefit of many digitized records available through the Internet.

My fascination with the study of history and families continues to grow as I pursue the details of lives gone before.  The more families I research, the more lives, faces, and places I can visualize in the colorful fabric of our ancestors.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, enjoy the challenge of history research projects, and also maintain a website at ThirdPort.com to provide links to News, Weather, Local Traffic, and some often used reference links for the benefit of folks to set as a quiet Home Page for access to the Internet.

My undergraduate degree in Business from the University of Houston provided me a foundation to work in a career in the world of Information Technology and skills in data analysis.  I know how to recognize trends and relationships within information.  My Master’s degree in Library Science opened the doors to the world of Information Access and Retrieval.

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